David Menegon has been a mentor with the Knickerbocker Greys—America’s oldest after-school program-and knows that our community needs more from Albany 

  • Supports small class sizes
  • Supports universal Pre-K
  • Supports the construction or leasing of additional schools to reduce overcrowding
  • Supports additional funding for CUNY and SUNY
  • Supports protecting and expanding TAP program
  • Supports the Dream Act
  • Supports an increased charter school cap, and increasing financial accountability and transparency of these publicly funded schools

The most important investment New York City can make for long-term prosperity is in the education of our children. We must give them our time and the tools they need to be successful.

David understands the concerns parents have for smaller class sizes, and supports the construction of new elementary and middle schools in our community to help alleviate overcrowding. Additionally, he believes that we need to implement innovative programs that attract and maintain quality teachers, as well as expanding after-school activities, continuing arts programs, increasing opportunities for our gifted and talented children, and making sure that students with special needs receive all the services they are entitled to.

Greys introduces six cadets from the oldest after school activity in the United States. The Greys is a non-profit, non-discriminatory, leadership-developing corps of spirited boys and with girls
ages 6-16.


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