For 25 years, David has been a marketing executive at the Xerox Corporation, where he is also a member of the President’s Club. Prior to that, he was the owner of a successful small business, which, under new owners, continues to provide security devices, personnel and consulting services to corporations and homeowners.

David understands the needs of entrepreneurs, employers and employees in this difficult economy. He will use the lessons he has learned throughout his professional career to push for the physical infrastructure and political impetus necessary to move New York forward.


Since 1998, David has served as Commandant of the Knickerbocker Greys, the oldest after-school program in the United States. The Greys was established on the East Side in 1881 to offer young men and women, ages 6 to 16, a series of activities designed to build confidence, increase self-esteem, develop character, and improve speaking skills, with the goal of encouraging them to become the next generation of leaders.


A decorated war veteran, David has served his country as an officer in the US Army and US Army Reserve for 28 years. First commissioned in 1986, David rose through the ranks to be promoted to a full Colonel.

As Deputy Team Commander of the Kirkuk Provincial Reconstruction Team, reporting to the United States Department of State, David served two tours in Iraq, and was responsible for developing programs impacting economic development, infrastructure, education, public health, security, and governance for a population of more than 2.5 million people.

David created the Office of Veterans' Affairs in Babylon Province, which stabilized the region by offering more than 30,000 former Iraqi soldiers a voice in the local government, jobs and training. He later went on to recruit 5,000 former soldiers into the New Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps.

Job Creation. David developed and implemented the $70 million Works Program for Western Iraq. He adopted New Deal policies and free market principals to create 30,000 jobs for Iraqi citizens in the private and public sectors.

Protection of  Archeological Sites. David developed and executed a comprehensive plan to identify and protect more than 1,000 archeological sites in Babylon Province. He organized a team of 30 archeologists, representatives from the local government and universities, and ex-Iraqi Soldiers to visit all the sites and prepare a security plan. The preservation of Babylon’s antiquities can be directly attributed to David’s actions.

David was awarded three Bronze Stars and the Meritorious Service Medal from the U. S. State Department during his service in Iraq for meeting goals beyond expectations in enhancing security in the region and gaining the trust and bettering the life of the Iraqi people.

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